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Non-Medical Transportation in Hanford, California

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Transportation is a necessity, most especially in the case of seniors and those with disabilities. More often than not, these individuals require special non-medical and medical transportation in Victorville, California in order to gain better access to the healthcare services they need. Unfortunately, traditional modes of transportation, public transport, or driving themselves to appointments are not viable options. This is where 1-800 Medivan comes in to fill the gaps in their mobility needs.

Starting our operations in 2016, we render non-emergency medical transportation services to clients with various health or mobility issues. We specifically coordinate trips with transportation providers, drivers, healthcare facilities, clients, and their families. 1-800 Medivan can help with itinerary planning and ensuring that medical transportation in Victorville, California is available to the patient when and where it is needed.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain a well-coordinated operation which primarily focuses on the safety and satisfaction of our patients through the non-emergency medical transportation services that they receive.

A Short History of Our Company
The owners of 1-800 Medivan have been in the Medical Transportation industry for over 14 years. The very first company acquired by the company was Victorville Medical Transportation which still operates in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The second company, South Coast Medical Transportation, which has a sizable presence in Los Angeles County, as well as in Inyo County, was purchased in 2015. 1-800 Medivan currently is considered as one of the largest medical transportation companies in Reno, Nevada. The goal is to combine all the operations under the 1-800 Medivan umbrella.

With our experience, we are able to monitor current trends in the industry, analyze them and use the data to improve our operations. Ultimately, we are offering complete convenience to our passengers. Aside from English, the Medivan crew can also speak Armenian, Farsi, Spanish and Russian, allowing us to have better communication with our clients.

We are ready to render our services. Take advantage of them today. Call 1-800-633-4826 for more information.

    15159 Palmdale Rd. Victorville, CA 92392
    P.O. Box 10848 Glendale, CA 91209
  • PHONE: 1-800-633-4826 FAX: 760-951-1922
  • EMAIL: info@1800medivan.com